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Importance of Digital Marketing for a New Start-Up

What exactly is the importance of 94%? Well, it is the global percentage of people who have access to the internet. Statistics suggest that online interactive marketing is omnipresent. More often than not, a consumer will turn to the internet when looking for a product or service.


The advent of modern technology has revolutionized the way we do business and has led people to have a strong inclination toward digital platforms. Many businesses are smart enough to realize this momentous shift in the market and are making substantial changes to accommodate these digital standards and reach the target audience. 

It is rightly said, “If you want to change the world, you don’t need to open a factory. You just need to open a laptop. For a new start-up having big ambitions with a limited budget and resources can be intimidating and overwhelming. When investing in your dream business project, digital marketing is often considered of secondary importance by some, only to be implemented when there’s extra time or money to spare. 

What if I were to tell you that digital marketing is just as important as the choice of the product or service you wish to offer? Your product or service can be research-based and very well designed, but what good will it do if consumers are oblivious to its existence. 

Ignoring the importance of digital marketing is equivalent to opening a business but not telling anyone! As a start-up, a digital presence facilitates visibility and gives consumers a much easier way to find your business and what it has to offer. It reinforces the importance of taking your business online to bridge the gap between you and your consumers. 


Well-established businesses have years worth of experience and research under their belt. They are well acquainted with shifts in trends and what their consumers want. But startups are novices in this department. It can take time to learn customer behaviour through trial and error and cost the start-up a lot of its resources. That is where digital marketing comes to the rescue with technology that can be used to track, monitor and interpret purchasing habits of the target audience; and the products and demographics that are the most responsive. 

As you might be aware, thousands of resources and solutions are available today at your target audience’s disposal. Whether they need a product or service, it’s as easy as typing a search into Google for them to find what they need. So how can you become that number one solution or the go-to choice for them? The best strategy to come out on top is to show that you CARE. Engaging clients via social media integration gives your business a personal touch in the form of one-on-one relationships and helps drive traffic to your company’s website. You can have a cutting edge over your competitors by building long-lasting relationships and acknowledging the target audience.

Much of any marketing, whether traditional or digital, involves gathering enough data about the consumer interaction with different services, products and their response to advertisements and trends and using that data to upgrade advertising and marketing strategies. Where traditional advertisements claim a large percentage of a company’s finance, digital marketing allows start-ups to save up on their limited resources by offering online advertising channels for a fraction of the amount. 

 With an exponential number of people using mobile devices, you can use artificial intelligence for collecting data that is significantly easier to access and more accurate. It provides valuable insights on user behaviour, campaign performance and analysis, which you can further be used to optimize campaigns and customer communication. Digital marketing platforms provide businesses leeway to customize marketing campaigns, targeting a particular set of audiences or locations. 

The thing is that we understand how difficult it may become to manage your digital presence while you are still trying to establish a name for yourself. Speaking in terms of tasks, all you got to do is: 

  • Create a feature-packed, interactive website.
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • E-mail Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • PPC Campaigns 


As a business owner, you may already know that you need digital marketing to grow your business online. You know you need to send an email newsletter once in a while,  have a social media presence or even advertise on Google. 

But that’s where your role ends, and you hand the ropes to the professionals. Businesses desirous of being marketed online need a digital strategy which should be provided by a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing strategy will help your company track Return on Investment, reach the online audience, achieve the marketing goals and improve its bottom line. 

As the saying goes, “better marketing trumps a better product, and you need to invest in both.” The right time to invest in digital marketing is from the commencement of your business endeavours. 


In your search for the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga, you will find that Elavadoiq is a name that stands out. Whether you are a well-established business organization or a new start-up, we offer a one-stop solution to all things digital. 

We provide a plethora of services like Website Design Mississauga, SEO Optimization and Social Media Integration, Digital Marketing Mississauga and much more.

From creating a website that provides a fuss-free browsing experience and is authentic yet attractive, to building campaigns with unique visuals that are in sync with your brand’s vision and voice; you can trust us to bring our A-game to every single project. As people are slowly shifting toward real-time content, we have a simple formula of portraying your brand as what it actually stands for rather than over-sanitizing it. 



As a new start-up, the digital marketing aspect is super important for establishing your brand reputation. Partner with the right digital marketing agency, and define your vision, mission and visual tone. Once you have your pillars defined, stick to them and stay consistent. Change is inevitable but growth is optional indeed. 

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