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Here Are Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

As the digital landscape is evolving more than a website and social media pages, marketing trends can never be shunned. Whatever your industry or your products or services are – to stay ahead, businesses should update their digital marketing strategies to keep their organizations at the top. Those who fear change may limit their brand reach with outdated digital trends. Additionally, digital marketing is a growing industry that churns updated skills, new trends, effective policies, and efficient strategies. The businesses can reap maximum benefit out of them, for example, boosting online presence to connect with the right audience. 

Perhaps, to survive and succeed on the web every business owner should adapt to these latest trends. After all, outranking the competitors is what every establishment demands. Read the below space to discover the top 2020 digital marketing trends.

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Trend#1 All Your Business Need Is A Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs with artificial intelligence software often used to communicate with end-users to accomplish their goals. There communicate in a natural way with the help of chat windows. They give a more personal touch to the brand when actual humans are not there. Along with paying attention to focused information only. Furthermore, they are available 24 hours with quick replies to customer queries. Thus, one of the fast-evolving trends for 2024 is chatbot integration.

Trend#2 Harness The Power Of Video

A simple text-based website cannot be compared with video integrated website, in this era of smartphones, people are watching more videos than reading text. According to impactbnd reports, more than 70% of users who like the product do share the video, approx. 50% of users feel confident about the service or product after viewing the video to make an informed decision, and close to 80% of businesses have seen higher conversion rates post video submission. For higher engagement, this here-to-stay is a must for every business irrespective of their service or product.

Trend#3 Content Is Still The King

One trend that is here to stay for the longest is undoubtedly content marketing. After Google rolls out the BERT algorithm in November 2019, the focus shifted to well-curated unique content. The search engine giant is trying to understand more of a natural language in user search queries to offer the best-fitted solution as SERPs. Moreover, as per Google’s latest advice, every business should aim at a fast-loading website, with useful links, and exceptionally well-written content. It is time to focus on creating unique content.

Trend#4 Social Media Ecommerce

For quite a long, businesses were struggling to get their social media traffic to their online store. But not anymore, customers can pay directly on social media ads or posts without leaving the channel. In 2019, Instagram launched a checkout option that received rave reviews and got popular among the masses. And, almost 55% of user uses social media posts to get more information about the product and brand. Furthermore, brands need just a few saleable merchandises that give great returns- they need not be an eCommerce giant! If you are looking for a good return with low investment kick off with social media now!

Trend#5 Invest In Micro-Influencers

Influencers marketing has been there for quite a long time, big influencers are ruling the roost. And, sending free samples is no anymore, their cup of tea, they are charging a hefty amount for every review they do. Small and medium-scale businesses are now opting for “micro-influencers”- they are influencers with a medium-size following and loyal to their customers-base while not being loaded with sponsorships. Additionally, their rates are comparatively affordable with a good engagement rate. Long story short, fewer followers means more personal touch with more engagement. So, businesses looking for conversion amplification should give a shot at evolving micro influencing.

Are You Ready For Exponential Growth in 2024?

Let us summarize that these digital marketing trends are here to stay in 2024 and in upcoming years for the business to get the dream of success. The focus is diverted to be more human-friendly with the targeted niche by employing the right tools and technologies. If you are a business owner looking for much-needed exposure for brands and products get connected with our digital marketing nerds. We are offering excellent Digital Marketing Services in Mississauga to boost revenue and amplify conversion rates. Call us at +1 647 496 7001 to book a consultation for free!

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