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Maximize Your PPC ROI with these 5 Effective Tips

This blog space will introduce you to PPC marketing and practical tips to amplify your revenue.

What Is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective internet marketing model where advertisers are permitted to place ads on ad platforms such as Google Adwords. So, whenever the ad is clicked by the end-users the advertisers have to pay a fee. So, the main objective of a PPC ad is to route the person who is clicking the ads to the advertiser’s website or app – then the visitor can perform the call to action task such as the purchase or download of a product.

However, it is easier said than done because internet marketing is just like chess – learning is quick but ages to master. Plus, PPC is the holy grail for businesses who are looking to make quick revenue i.e. if PPC is done correctly can ‘make the business’ and if not, can ‘break the business’. Fret now! We have got you covered. Here are some easy tried and tested methods to maximize your ROI on PPC Advertisement. Let’s get started!

Time Matters

A successful PPC campaign can be categorized in two ways – reduced CPC (Cost-per-click) and augmented CTR (Click-through-rate). A nifty Google advertiser will be well-versed in the fact that to minimize CPC and boost CTR, ads must be placed at the right time and to the right audience. There are some key aspects advertisers should consider before placing the ad such as

  • The time when the conversion can be maximum
  • The preferred device of the users (laptop or desktop)
  • The country bringing the organic quality traffic
  • Best days that bring the highest sales

Thus, we can say the main aim of a PPC campaign is to reach the intended audience at the best time- getting the most clicks from them- routing them to visit the landing page -finally converting them into potential buyers. So, everything needs to be tracked perfectly before investing money in PPC management.

Exact Keywords Matters

Keywords are the lifeline for PPC ads. Further, keywords exhibit consumers’ intent and what exactly they are scouting the internet for. So, one can significantly improve PPC campaign efficiency with best-fitted keywords. And, this implies when a certain phrase is used the ad will show up, for instance: if someone is searching for the “best cheapest laptop in Canada” then a laptop seller in Canada can use the exact keywords in the ad. This will reach out to the correct users with complete details. Making it a win! win-scenario for both.

Quality Score Matters

No stone should be left unturned when placing an ad on Google AdWords. One such imperative factor that comes in place is the Quality Score of the ad. Plus, the Quality score calculation is base on various variables such as how frequently the ad is displayed, how regularly users are clicking the ad, and how relevant keywords are positioned in the ad. Moreover, Google prefers ads with high-quality scores- they get better placement. Improving the quality score should also be in the priority list of PPC advertisers.

Negative Keywords Matters

Negative keywords are fundamental for a productive PPC campaign. These keywords help in saving money as the ad will show up to only those viewers who will convert and filter out those who are not likely to convert. Simply put, just like exact keywords help in reaching the correct audience, the negative keywords also help in excluding the terms you do not want to show up. For example: If you are selling men’s shows then, “best men’s shoes” would be relevant while “women’s shoes” would not. Additionally, the process of pulling out the negative keywords is the same as searching the exact keywords. The terms and phrases that are not related to your business can exclude from the campaign, and this will save your time and money!

With that said, “Free” is one such keyword that many advertisers usually include in their negative keywords list. This keyword will lead to clicks, but there are chances of low conversion with the same. Because there is a common assumption that people searching for free services or free consultation will not take out money from their pocket at the time of purchase. Thus, it’s pivotal to brainstorm for negative keywords before spending bucks on ads.

Landing Pages Matters

The best-fitted recommendation is to create a custom landing page for every campaign. Clicks that are directed to the home page are usually wasted as the home page is integrated with many choices. Landing pages should have minutes of details for the product so that your right audience routed on the page can decide regarding the product. Plus, the landing page should have a comprehensive design with an innovative call to action. And, investing in creating a beautiful landing page means outperforming the competitor. Moreover, as per a recent Google study, customize landing pages with video have helped in boosting the conversion rate.

Let’s Conclude

Long story short, every action you take to improve PPC management will ensure you get value for money and gives you an edge over the competition. Level up your campaign management game with these proven tips to maximize ROI. Do you need assistance with PPC campaigns? Are you looking for experienced PPC specialists? Get in touch with the top-notch Digital Marketing Consultants Mississauga now!

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