Dazzle Dove

Project Description

What was the challenge?
Dazzle Dove has already accelerated its position in the lists of top leading lingerie brands. To maintain its fierce competition, it needed to upgrade its digital presence. One of the most crucial challenge was to reach out and sale the products to a wide number of users in different provinces all over the world. Known for considerable experience in website development, Elevadoiq was trusted to design and develop a new website for Dazzle Dove.
Our Strategy
Our strategy was not only to boost the digital presence for Dazzle Dove but also to engage and reach to new potential consumers. We aimed to design and develop cutting edge- and mobile friendly website for Dazzle Dove to make sure that it reach out to every consumer. We used SEO optimization, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, and e-mail marketing.

Our Approach
With the help of Dazzle Dove Team, first we acknowledged their demands and requirements, then we executed our plan accordingly. We went through making changing on their website by designing more user-centric website for both desktop and mobile users. We undertook various digital marketing campaigns like YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads to boost the online presence of Dazzle Dove.
Dazzle Dove provides is users with a variety of exciting subscription packages. Users can choose between Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire packages according to their choice and preferences which suits the best to their demands.
With the subscriptions Dazzle Dove offers a variety of deals to their subscribers. The subscribers are benefited and can enjoy the exclusive offers and discounts which come with a limited period of time.
Create Account
Dazzle Dove offers its visitors to create an account so that every time you visit their website, you get to know about the various deals and offers that are provided by Dazzle Dove at that time. Also, having an account lets you stay updated with the new collection of lingerie.

Project Type
  • Automate - BigCommerce - E-Commerce - Education - Lingerie - Mortgage and Finance - Real-estate -